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Hub Le Bas Launches New Fleet of Vehicles

  • Monday 7th August 2017

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new fleet of Hub Le Bas-branded vehicles.

The new fleet, which are all DAF vehicles, will be travelling the country delivering Hub Le Bas’ steel tube products from London, Manchester, Leicester and Hartlepool.

There are eight new vehicles joining the Hub Le Bas fleet as the company continues to strive to deliver our high-quality service to customers across the nation.

‘The new DAF lorries will enable us to continue delivering a fast and efficient service,’ explains Hub Le Bas Sales Director Simon Brown.

‘We’re proud to be a company that’s at the forefront of what we do who consistently push to be the best service providers. These new vehicles will help us to continue that objective, with a brand-new fleet crossing the country to deliver our high-quality steel tube products to our customers quickly, efficiently and as cleanly as possible,’ he adds.

Each lorry boasts a slidaflex trailer, which means Hub Le Bas customers can enjoy larger, maximum load capacity for road-going vehicles.

If you see a Hub Le Bas vehicle on your travels, give us a wave or honk your horn – we’d be happy to wave hello!