Liberty Talent Pathway Case Study: Thomas Burgess

  • Wednesday 26th April 2017

Discover how the Liberty Talent Pathway scheme helped our Bilston apprentice, Thomas Burgess.

The Liberty Talent Pathway is designed to give pupils from local schools the opportunity to learn new skills through an apprenticeship. Hub Le Bas work with education partners to identify apprenticeship opportunities and provide training for individuals on the Talent Pathway scheme.

Thomas Burgess, Technical Apprentice at our Bilston branch, explains how the Liberty Talent Pathway has helped him.

How did you hear about the Liberty Talent Pathway?
I first heard about it while I was at sixth form. My engineering teacher recommended that I apply for the apprenticeship scheme. He gave me a brief description of the job role and what my responsibilities would be. After looking over the details, I decided to apply.

What did the interview process involve?
I attended a 45 minute interview with Bilston Branch Manager, Neil Ward. It consisted of a number of different questions, including my knowledge of the company and job role, engineering and CAD/CAM software experience and brief description of myself, hobbies and interests. After this, Neil kept in regular contact and invited me to carry out two days of work experience. I started my apprenticeship on 1st September 2015.

What have you learnt through the Liberty Talent Pathway?
I’ve learnt a wide variety of things and developed a number of skills. The main thing I have learnt is how to program parts using the dedicated software. I had never used the CAD/CAM software that Hub Le Bas used before, so I learnt how to operate it from scratch.

What roles have you had during your apprenticeship and what training opportunities have you received?
I’ve had many different training sessions, including Leadership and Microsoft Excel, plus I attend college one day a week for further training. I’ve also experienced different roles within Hub Le Bas, including purchasing, where I was trained in how to buy and place orders for warehouse supplies.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Hub Le Bas?
I have two favourite things about working here: one is my colleagues. Ever since I started here, everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. I’d like to give a special mention to Christopher Wright (Tube Laser Programmer) for being patient with me and providing quality training.
My other favourite thing is that no day or job is ever the same. We’re producing different parts each day; some can be fairly easy to draw up while others are more complex. I enjoy the fact that I’m doing something new each day and I’ll be able to use the skills I’ve developed during my apprenticeship throughout my career.

What do you plan to do after your apprenticeship?
Once I finish, I hope to stay on at Hub Le Bas, continue with what I’m doing and take as many opportunities as I can when the company provides them.

Would you recommend the Liberty Talent Pathway to others?
Definitely! The scheme not only gives you the opportunity to carry on learning but also get hands-on experience in the industry. Plus, being paid while you do it isn’t too bad either!