Hub Le Bas’ Digital Communications

  • Sunday 15th October 2017

Hub Le Bas is proud of the way we have communicated with our clients historically but as one of the UK’s leading steel suppliers, we are always looking for a new and innovative ways of doing things.

That mindset is no different when it comes to communicating with new and existing clients and our record in this area is exemplary. To maintain this, Hub Le Bas are beginning to move further into the digital sphere to facilitate client communications.

As part of this move, Hub Le Bas introduced B2B communications across LinkedIn and Google+ back in 2014 and plan to expand on this digital strategy with further communication channels. These channels complemented the new Hub Le Bas website when it was first launched, a site that has seen regular updates and amendments since it’s inauguration and that now sits at the centre of our digital communications.

‘As one of the UK’s leading providers of steel tubing, it’s imperative we have clear communication channels between us and our clients,’ said Hub Le Bas Head of Sales Simon Brown.

‘These channels obviously enable us to generate new leads and help us build our online presence but the main point of focus for us is the ability to directly engage with existing customers to ensure our service is always industry-leading.’

If you would like to follow Hub Le Bas’ social media channels, please visit our LinkedIn page or Google+ to stay up-to-date with the latest news, products and developments.