Hub Le Bas has dramatically improved our order capacity and lead-times in the Manchester and London areas after installing state-of-the-art laser cutting machines.

We recently boosted our set-up with another two BLM Adige LT722D laser cutting machines to share the load of our existing machine on our West Midlands site.

The Adige LT722D machine can automatically load steel tube from 3200mm to 8500mm in length and is capable of cutting mild steel, stainless steel and Aluminium between 12mm diameter and 152mm (6”) diameter.

‘We installed our first laser cutting machine in our Bilston plant two years ago,’ explains Hub Le Bas Sales Director Simon Brown. ‘Thanks to the success of that machine, we have installed another two machines – one in Manchester and one in London.

‘It means our Manchester and London branches will now be able to service customers with laser-cut products and dramatically decrease lead times,’ adds Simon.

The machines are manufactured by Italian firm BLM Adige, who have been producing state-of-the-art systems for more than 60 years.

A Technical Data sheet is available here to appreciate the machines capabilities.

Hub Le Bas are always looking to improve on the additional services we offer our customers with a bespoke laser cut component just one of many.

• Laser Cutting
• Cut to Length
• Deburred
• Flaring, Swelling
• Delivery via our own transport
• Special Packaging Requirements
• Just in time delivery
• Call-off facility

If you would like to utilise our new laser-cutting service in London, Manchester or Bilston, please get in touch with either branch via the below contact details.


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