Hub Le Bas carry an extensive range of boiler and pressure tube to service all of your requirements.

The majority of the material is to BS 3059 STEEL 320 ERW.

With the ever increasing demands of the power generation industry, we are in the unrivalled position of utilising the resources of our large manufacturing group. Service is paramount whether you require one length or a thousand, the quality of the product and the on time delivery must be the same. To achieve these objectives we have created three specialist teams, in Scotland, Manchester and London.

Large stocks of material are carried throughout the Group. The majority of the material is to BS 3059 STEEL 320 ERW, supplemented with a corresponding range HFS and ERW stay tubes. As a result of strong links with many offshore suppliers we have allocated capacity that can be utilised to achieve quick delivery times. Other specifications are available ex-stock, please contact the Sales Department for full details of the range.



BS EN Specifications
BS EN 10216 Parts 1 & 2
BS EN 10217 Parts 1 & 2


German Standards
DIN 17177
DIN 17175

American Standards

British Standards
BS 3059 Parts 1 & 2
BS 3602
BS 3604

Services Available

  • Swelling of Ends

  • Cutting to Length

  • Bending

  • Full Certification
  • Please forward your Boiler Tube requirements to our specialist sales team in Manchester.
    Tel.: +44 (0)1612 034 410
    Fax: +44 (0)1612 034 426

    Size Chart
    O.D. x Thickness O.D x Thickness O.D x Thickness
    38.1mm x 3.2mm 57.0mm x 4.9mm 76.2mm x 4.0mm
    38.1mm x 4.0mm 57.0mm x 6.3mm 76.2mm x 5.0mm
    38.1mm x 6.3mm 57.0mm x 7.9mm 76.2mm x 6.3mm
    42.4mm x 3.2mm 60.3mm x 3.2mm 82.5mm x 4.5mm
    42.4mm x 4.0mm 60.3mm x 3.6mm 88.9mm x 3.2mm
    44.5mm x 3.2mm 60.3mm x 5.0mm 88.9mm x 3.6mm
    44.5mm x 6.3mm 63.5mm x 3.2mm 88.9mm x 4.0mm
    48.3mm x 3.2mm 63.5mm x 3.6mm 101.6mm x 3.6mm
    48.3mm x 3.6mm 63.5mm x 4.0mm 101.6mm x 4.5mm
    50.8mm x 4.5mm 63.5mm x 6.3mm 101.6mm x 6.3mm
    51.0mm x 3.2mm 63.5mm x 7.9mm 114.3mm x 3.6mm
    51.0mm x 3.6mm 70.0mm x 3.2mm 114.3mm x 5.0mm
    51.0mm x 6.3mm 70.0mm x 3.6mm 139.7mm x 4.0mm
    57.0mm x 3.2mm 70.0mm x 6.3mm 139.7mm x 5.0mm
    57.0mm x 3.6mm 76.2mm x 3.6mm 139.7mm x 6.3mm

    Other sizes and specifications available on request.

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